Research Thesis

The Research Thesis Option enables students with research experience to work closely with an Olin faculty mentor to further develop and formalize their research skills. The Research Thesis Option consists of 2 semesters (or equivalent) of focused research with a faculty advisor and culminates in a thesis document written by the student and a presentation to the thesis committee. Enrollment in the thesis option is by thesis advisor approval, and not all faculty members are available to supervise research theses. Students accepted into the program will be enrolled in ISR-G Thesis Research for 4 credits in Semester 1 and ISR-G Thesis for 4 credits in Semester 2. Full-time summer research may substitute for a semester of ISR-G Thesis with faculty approval. Completion of the Research Thesis Option is subject to approval by your faculty advisor and committee and will be noted on the student transcript.

Semester 1 Activities: Thesis Research
During semester one, you should be engaging in research activities in collaboration with your research advisor. In addition, you will begin formalizing the plan for your research thesis. Note that a thesis proposal is an evolving document that is based on preliminary research, and should be updated as your project progresses.

1. Thesis Proposal: Develop a 3-4 page document that describes what you plan to accomplish for your thesis. Provide enough background for your committee to understand your proposed plan, include any preliminary data if available, and include a timeline towards Thesis completion.
2. Committee Meeting: By the 33rd instructional day, schedule a meeting with your Thesis committee to review your proposal. Your committee will provide feedback for your proposal. Once your proposal is approved, you can register for Semester 2 of the Thesis, continue to work on your thesis research, and plan your written Thesis document.

Semester 2 Activities: Thesis

1. Thesis Writing: Develop your written Thesis document. Please consult your Thesis adviser for suggested formats. You can also find past theses on the Olin Phoenix files for inspiration.
2. Thesis Presentation: Schedule a presentation with your committee to take place by the finals exams period during the Spring semester. You will make a presentation of your Thesis research and the committee will review and provide feedback for your final Thesis written document. While you are only required to present to your committee, we encourage you to have a public presentation and invite the Olin community in addition to your committee. You are also encouraged to present your thesis at other community events such as EXPO.
3. Thesis Document: Finalize your written Thesis document incorporating suggestions from your Thesis Committee. Your final thesis will be archived with the Olin Library.