SCI2215 Emerging Technologies in Cancer Research, Diagnosis and Treatmt w/ Laboratory

More than thirty years have passed since the declaration of a "War on Cancer", yet nearly 600,000 Americans are predicted to die from cancer this year. This course will examine the environmental and biological causes of cancer. We will explore why traditional treatments (chemotherapy, surgery and radiation) and the early promise of biotechnology have not led to a significant improvement of life expectancy for most forms of cancer. Through analyses of journal articles and clinical trials, we will assess the diverse emerging technologies for cancer research, diagnosis and therapy. Some of the technologies to be explored are immune checkpoint inhibitors, CRISPR, angiogenesis inhibitors, microarrays, stem cell therapy, gene therapy, genomic analysis and biological and immunological modifiers. Class discussion and student presentation of primary literature will be integral parts of this course. The course will include a student-designed laboratory component.



Recommended Requisites

Foundation Biology, AP Biology score of 4 or 5 (or equivalent), or permission of the instructor