SCI1250 Six Microbes that Changed the World with Laboratory

Penicillium. Vibrio cholerae. Escherichia coli. Yeast. The Archaea. Microbes surround us, and impact our lives, our health, our societies, and our environment. Research with microbes, the smallest of all living creatures, has enabled discovery and understanding of the fundamental workings of life, opens up rich historical narratives of diseases and cures, and may provide sustainable solutions to problems we face from bioremediation to bioenergy. We will use six influential microbes as a window into a rich study of the interactions between science and societal context. This course connects biological concepts and historical knowledge through discussions, integrated assignments, presentations, and hands-on laboratory activities. Let's explore the thrill of biology and history, together.



Concurrent Requisites



Courses in the SCI1210 through SCI1260 number sequence contain a substantial and intentional overlap of material to meet foundational objectives in the field of biology. As a result, students cannot take more than one of these courses for credit.