Student Group Spending Policies

Student Group Spending Policies - Student Activities


All club and organization finances must be managed through Olin College, this includes purchases, fundraising, and cash advances. 


P-Card Purchases

There are two p-cards (purchase cards) available for official use by student groups. Students must attend Club/Org training in order to use a p-card and must also provide the vendor with a copy of Olin's Tax Exempt form so as to not be charged taxes on purchases. All p-card purchases are overseen by the Committee for Clubs and Organizations (CCO), and the Office of Student Affairs and Resources (StAR).


After making a purchase, students must complete the CCO Post-Spending Form (online link provided after completing spending training) and turn in their receipt to a CCO member, within 7 days. Failure to do so may result in a spending ban or penalty. 


Check Purchases

P-card is the preferred method of payment for any event or activity, however, if credit cards are not accepted by the vendor than Student Groups can request a check be issued. In order to issue a check, the Student Group must provide the Office of Student Affairs with an invoice/receipt, as well as a copy of the vendors W9 if not already on file. Checks will typically be mailed within two weeks of the request.

Checks may also be hand delivered to a vendor by indicated "Hold for Pick-Up" on a check request form. Once the check is issued, it will be picked-up from Financial Affairs by a member of the Student Affairs team and given to the vendor.



Student Groups wishing to fundraise must contact a member of the StAR Office, typically the Program Coordinator/Assistant Hall Director, in order to request a cash box and change. The Student Group designee will need to fill out a Petty Cash Request form where they will indicate the purpose, dates, and times of their fundraiser. This form must be submitted to Financial Affairs at least 7 days prior to a fundraising event. 


Each day funds are collected, the Student Group designee must return the cashbox to the Student Affairs Office (CC319), and complete a deposit form. For fundraising events taking place on weekends or holidays, deposits should be done the next business day. 


Upon completion of a fundraiser, the cashbox and any remaining change must be returned to Student Affairs.


Cash Advances

Students may request cash advances in situations where venues or activities are cash only. In order to request a cash advance, Student Groups should reach out to the Office of Student Affairs and Resources at least 7 days prior to their event. They will need to provide the name, date, and location of the event, as well as the purpose of the funds. Excess funds must be returned to the Student Affairs Office, along with a receipt for any cash purchases. 


Online Spending

Individual students are unable to purchase items online do to the need for items to be tax exempt. Requests for online items can be submitted to the Vice-President of Finance of Student Government, and should be done at least two weeks prior to an event or activity in order to ensure on-time delivery.  If the Vice-President of Finance is unavailable, students may contact the StAR office. 


Requesting a Reimbursement

In the event that p-cards or checks are unavailable, students may use their personal funds to purchase supplies or other expenses for Student Groups. Students must submit a reimbursement request form within to the Student Government Vice-President of Finance, along with a receipt, within two weeks of making a purchase. Request received after two weeks or which do not include a receipt may not be approved. 


Spending Violations

Not following the proper Student Group financial policies and procedures, such as not turning in p-card purchase receipts, will result in consequences and a revoke of student spending privileges.

Strike 1: Verbal Warning

Strike 2: Spending ban for 1 month.

Strike 3: Spending ban for the remainder of academic year. 



Please refer to the Student Group Guidebook for more detailed information on Club/Org Spending Processes and Procedures.