Policies - Event Planning

Policies - Event Planning


Advertising, Posters, and Marketing

Flyers and marketing materials should only be posted in approved locations and must be on a bulletin board. Posters and flyers should not be placed or taped to doors and windows. Stickers (vinyl or other) should not be placed on college property, including buildings, windows, and furniture. 


Marking materials that are derogatory, sexiest, defamatory or otherwise violate Olin's student Code of Conduct or which promote underage drinking or illegal drug use will be removed, and the poster, if identifiable, shall face consequences in accordance with the Olin Honor Code. 



Alcohol may be present at campus events and available to those who are 21 or older.  To have alcohol at an event:

  • Students must submit a request to the Office of Student Affairs and Resources (StAR) at least one month prior to the event, with the following information: 
    • Event Name
    • Date, Time, Location
    • Hosting Group
    • Event Contact
    • Event Purpose
    • Expected Number of Attendees

  • Request a Police Detail through Public Safety
  • Have certified/trained volunteers checking ID's


Events with alcohol that are also open to those under 21 must have a separate area where alcohol is being served (ex. roped off, separate room, etc.)



Contracts are required for all external vendors, including goods, services, speakers, and performances. To begin the contract process, Student Groups should contact the Program Coordinator in the Office of Student Affairs & Resources. 


Events that have not properly submitted a contract to StAR in a timely manor will be cancelled, and the hosting group responsible for any cancellation fees. In order to ensure adequate time for review and signing, contracts should be submitted to StAR at least 2 weeks prior to an event. 


Movie Licensing

Any movie screening taking place in a public area on campus, such as a classroom, meeting room, or the auditorium, requires rights to be purchased from a licensing agency. Students interested in hosting a movie event should contact the Office of Student Affairs and Resources. 


Trips and Transportation

Students who will be traveling for a recognized student group are required to fill complete an Olin Travel Request Form prior to departure, which can be obtained from the Office of Student Affairs & Resources.


Students may request to use the Olin 7 passenger van and be reimbursed for gas, or may use a personal vehicle, and be reimbursed for millage, so long as a reimbursement request form is submitted within two weeks. 


Students traveling overnight as part of a club/org must contact the Risk Assessment Coordinator in the Office of Financial Affairs for the appropriate waiver form prior to participating.