Refund policy

Students who are officially approved by the Office of Student Affairs to withdraw or take a leave of absence may be granted a refund of tuition and room & board only. Fees are not refundable unless the student leaves prior to the first day of instruction. Health Insurance is generally non-refundable once the plan begins but some exceptions may apply (consult with Student Accounts for more details). The cost of the laptop computer* is non-refundable once delivered to the student. Students are not eligible to receive cash or credit for any unused portion of the Olin Tuition Scholarship under any circumstances. Students who are dismissed due to disciplinary action will not be entitled to any refund. Students who leave Olin College without approval are not entitled to a refund. Approved withdrawals or leaves may be eligible for a refund based on the following schedule:

  • Leave prior to the 1st day of instruction: 100% refund
  • Leave prior to the 20th day of instruction: 75% refund
  • Leave up to the 33rd day of instruction: 50% refund
  • Leave after the 33rd day of instruction: 0%

The refund policy also applies to any Olin institutional financial aid (merit and need-based aid) that was previously awarded for the semester. Olin institutional financial aid is refunded to the college using the percentages referenced above. Federal need-based aid will be refunded based on the Federal Title IV refund process. Olin College will adhere to any provisions and refund policies set forth by outside scholarship agencies. Any balance created because of scholarship returns or financial aid refunds is immediately due.

* NOTE: The laptop computer is billed in two installments during the first year (one in July for the fall semester and one in November for the spring semester). The student is responsible for full payment of the laptop. Therefore, if a student leaves Olin College in their first year, he or she must make a full payment for the laptop and the applicable Massachusetts sales tax prior to departure.