Olin Emergency Alert System

Olin’s Emergency Alert System (Olin EAS) allows for rapid dissemination of news and instructions in the event of a campus-wide emergency. Alerts for this system are managed through the Public Safety Department.

Olin community members are responsible for populating and maintaining his or her information. Contact information can be updated and changed anytime by logging into the Olin EAS.

If you are leaving Olin for an extended period and are concerned about incurring costs due to notifications to your cell phone, you may edit your phone contact information to temporarily turn off text messaging and/or phone calls.

For information about the Olin EAS system, and for instructions on how to register, edit, or deactivate your account, please consult the Olin EAS FAQ sheet, which is accessible on Olin’s “Emergency Communication” webpage at http://www.olin.edu/campus/emergency-preparedness/communication/ or from the “Campus Life” tab of the Olin Portal at https://my.olin.edu/ics