ENGR3370 Controls

This course explores the techniques for changing the dynamics of a system using feedback control. The first portion of the course covers methods for analyzing the open-loop dynamics of generic systems in the frequency-domain (transfer functions) and time-domain (state-space equations). Then we will develop feedback techniques for shaping the system response. Students completing this course will have the analytical tools for controller design (both classical and modern) as well as a fundamental understanding of the concepts behind feedback control (stability, performance, controllability, observability, etc.). Students will have ample opportunity to experiment with control design by implementing their own designs in analog and digital hardware. Examples from field robotics, aircraft, and intelligent-structures will be used for both in-class and hands-on demonstrations.




ENGR2410; OR ENGR2340

Recommended Requisites

The prerequisites are an either / or requirement. You do not need both to enroll.