ENGR2600 Topics in Bioengineering

Broadly, Bioengineering can be defined as the application of engineering concepts and methods to the solution and study of biological and medical problems. Using a case study approach, this course aims to provide students with a broad understanding of the types of problems Bioengineers explore as well as the engineering and biological methods they employ. We will approach topics through seminar-style discussion of current primary articles from the literature as well as selected hands-on laboratory explorations of topics. Topics to be covered include tissue engineering, use of microfluidics devices for diagnostics, imaging disease states, and prosthetic limbs. In order to explore a topic of particular interest in more depth, students will also write and orally present a research paper on a topic of their choice.

This course is crosslisted with SCI2260. Taken under the ENGR2600 number, the course earns Engineering credit. To satisfy an advanced Biology requirement, enroll using SCI2260.



Recommended Requisites

AP/IB Biology satisfies prerequisite if Olin Foundational Biology has not been taken.