Curricular Prototypes

The process of curriculum innovation at Olin College means that curricular prototypes are ongoing during most academic years. These experiments are courses that serve as designated alternatives for requirements in the curriculum.  There may also be prototypes that replace a requirement in the curriculum.  A curricular experiment is noted by a course code and number.  Each course begins with CIE (Curricular Innovation Experiment), followed by the year in which it is offered, e.g. CIE2019.  If more than one experiment is running, the course number will end in a letter.  

The Quantitative Engineering Analysis experiment will conclude at the end of fall 2019.  New courses will emerge from the results of the study. 

Beginning in the fall semester 2019 Olin will offer a Research Thesis Option. The Thesis Research Option enables students with research experience to work closely with an Olin faculty mentor to further develop and formalize their research skills. The Thesis Option consists of 2 semesters of advanced research with a faculty advisor and culminates in a thesis document written by the student and a presentation/defense with a thesis committee. Students accepted into the program will be enrolled in ISR-G courses, as appropriate, and will carry the title of Thesis Research for the first semester and Thesis for the second.  This curriculum prototype will be available through spring 2023 as an experiment.