Chosen name and pronoun policy

Students at Olin College may choose to use a first name other than their legal name to identify themselves as long as the chosen (sometimes called preferred) name is not used for the purposes of misrepresentation. Students may also opt to use chosen pronouns.

The Olin community will have access to chosen names and pronouns via the Olin College Directory. Students also have the option to change their Olin College email address and identification card to reflect their chosen name. Students will be charged the regular replacement fee for reprinting of an identification card. If students do not indicate a chosen name then the name reflected in college records will be used. If students do not indicate a chosen pronoun then the pronoun associated with their sex assigned at birth will be used.

Legal names will be used whenever it is required. Students wishing to pursue a legal name change should consult with the Registrar’s Office. Students wishing to change their chosen name and/or pronoun should complete the appropriate form, found on the Student Affairs and Resources website, and submit it to the Office of Student Affairs and Resources. Changes will be made in as timely a manner as possible.