Library policies

As is true elsewhere at Olin, Library policies and practices are based on the college’s core values.


Academic Integrity and use of Copyrighted Material: Olin community members are expected to follow accepted academic standards in the use of information. Guidance on the correct use of information and documentation of sources can be found on the Library’s website.

Olin complies with relevant Copyright laws in all areas: A summary of Copyright policies as they apply to the use of Library resources and services is available on the Library’s website.

Use of licensed information resources and computing facilities: Most of the electronic information sources are provided to Olin students through licensing arrangements. All members of the Olin community are bound to follow any licensing restrictions. Specific restrictions are provided on the Library’s website.

The following general guidelines apply to all licensed resources:

  • Access to licensed resources is for the Olin community and members of the public who are physically present in the Olin Library. Passwords and access codes should not be shared with anyone outside of Olin.
  • Systematic, comprehensive downloading of information is not permitted. You may not download an entire database, book or journal, or substantial portions of it.
  • Commercial use of or selling information from these resources is not allowed.

Members of the Olin community are expected to follow relevant Information Technology policies when using work stations in the Library or when accessing Library resources from any location.

Respect for others

  • Olin community members should respect the needs of others requiring access to Library materials and be ready to share these materials in a timely manner. When a book is recalled for use by another community member, it must be returned to the library promptly. Due dates of materials from Olin and other libraries must be respected.
  • Certain areas of the library facility may be restricted to certain uses — i.e., group study rooms, quiet areas, etc.

Passion for the welfare of Olin College

  • Maintaining and preserving Library materials and facilities is an obligation of all members of the community. Members of the community are not to remove Library materials from the facility without checking them out according to Library circulation policies. Community members are responsible for any damage to Library materials while they are checked out and may be charged for replacement of the item and processing. A full description of the Library’s circulation policies is available on the Library’s website.
  • Olin students are responsible for the actions of guests that they bring into the Library.
  • Olin has entered into a number of collaborative arrangements with other Libraries for access to resources and services. The Olin Library’s ability to borrow materials from other libraries is based on our good reputation of returning materials in a timely fashion and in good condition. Community members are responsible for following the circulation and usage policies of these libraries and may be held financially responsible for any loss or damages.