Facilities, equipment, and furniture

Care for equipment and furniture: All members of the college community are expected to treat college equipment and furniture with sufficient care to avoid damage. Furniture and equipment should, when not in use, be left intact and in location. Each student is responsible for any damages caused by him or herself and his or her guests.

Footwear: For health and safety reasons, shoes must be worn at all times in the Campus Center, Academic Center and Milas Hall.

Labs: Students may work in labs unsupervised by faculty if they have permission from the faculty member managing the lab and they adhere to the rules of the labspace. No student is allowed to work in such facilities alone; students must be accompanied by at least one authorized person at all times. If there is an accident, other people will be essential in calling for help and coming to the injured student’s aid. Never operate a major piece of equipment unless specifically trained and certified by a qualified Olin faculty member.