Babson athletic facility policies, procedures, general rules and regulations

Assumption of risk

Individuals assume a risk of injury or death while voluntarily participating in the programs and activities offered at any Babson College Athletics facility. All patrons are strongly encouraged to have a health evaluation prior to engagement of exercise activities, and to exercise good judgment concerning their ability to participate in sport and fitness activities. Patrons participate at their own risk.

Facility access

  • Patrons are responsible for bringing Babson/Olin photo ID in order to access the Webster Center.
  • Group patrons are responsible for bringing their group ID in order to access the Webster Center.
  • Patrons must present proper ID to obtain access to the Webster Center.
  • Facility hours are subject to change during holidays and Babson closures/special events.
  • For current hours, visit our website at
  • Individuals under the age of 18 are not allowed to utilize the Webster Center.
  • Employees and full-time students may register a guest at the Webster Center check-in desk.
  • Part-time students, and the general public, must purchase a Webster Center Membership.

General rules & regulation

  • All levels of play are welcome.
  • Good sportsmanship is required of all patrons:
    • fair play
    • respectful language without profanity
    • mutual respect no fighting or spitting no abuse to other patrons, staff, facilities or equipment taking responsibility for actions
  • Patrons must comply with policies and safety instructions given by staff.
  • Patrons who demonstrate symptoms that suggest alcohol or drug use will be asked to leave the premises and may have their membership suspended without refund. Symptoms of alcohol/drug use include (but are not limited to) slurred speech, impaired movement or slowed motor skills, odor of alcohol/chemical substances, erratic behavior, etc.
  • Tobacco use is not permitted at any Babson College Athletics facility.
  • Report damaged equipment or unsafe conditions immediately to lower lobby front desk staff members. Discontinue use of any unsafe area until appropriate repairs/replacements have been made. Personal equipment must be in good, usable condition. Borrowed equipment must be returned the same day to the place where it was originally obtained.
  • Glass drinking containers are not permitted any activity area.
  • Please dispose of trash and recyclables in the appropriate containers.
  • Emergency equipment is for emergency use only. Unauthorized use will result in disciplinary action. Blocking, propping, or restriction of emergency or other exits/entrances is prohibited.
  • No pets, bicycles, skates or skateboards are permitted in the Webster Center.
  • No video, photography or cell phone use in locker rooms or restrooms.
  • Direct a sign posting need to the Assistant Director of Athletics - Facilities & Recreation.
  • Only a rented locker may be used for overnight storage.
  • ID sharing is not permitted.


  • Appropriate athletics attire is required at all times throughout the Webster Center.
  • Appropriate athletics attire for the fitness floors and courts includes T-shirts, shorts, sweats, and aerobics clothing. Jeans, swimsuits and cargo pants are not permitted on fitness equipment.
  • Pool area and locker rooms are the only locations where no shirts are permitted.
  • Jewelry and/or hats should not be worn during any activity.
  • Only non-marking soled shoes are allowed in wooden-floored Webster Center areas.
  • Bare feet are only permitted in the pool area and in the Chandor Dance Studio.
  • Sandals are not permitted in the Lunder Fitness Center.
  • Sneakers are required in Staake Gym.
  • Muddy footwear is not permitted in the Webster Center.
  • Facility Ejection Webster Center staff reserve the right to immediately eject anyone who:
    • fails to follow policies and/or procedures
    • trespasses or gains entry into the facility through other illegal means
    • engages in actions that pose a threat to someone’s emotional or physical safety
    • engages in actions which destroy property
    • engages in actions which disrupt activities
    • appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    • engages in actions which violate any federal, state, or local law

It is the sole determination of staff members whether an individual may first be warned of unacceptable actions. The supervisor on duty will have the right to immediately eject any person engaging in actions described above. If an individual refuses to leave the premises, Babson College Public Safety will be called. Athletics has the right to suspend or terminate the membership of anyone who is ejected or terminated by the college for any reason. Anyone who violates Athletics or College policies, rules, or engages in other actions which violate federal, state, or local laws will be ejected and/or terminated.