Babson College Public Safety Department

The Babson College Public Safety Department strives for professional excellence while providing a comprehensive program of police, security, crime prevention, emergency medical, fire safety, and parking related service to enhance the quality of life, safety and security of the Babson and Olin College communities. The Department is dedicated in creating an inclusive environment that students, staff, faculty and visitors feel they are treated fairly and with respect. The Department focuses efforts on a team building approach with community members and groups to focus on the resiliency, wellness and safety of the community. The services are provided on all property owned, used or occupied by the colleges, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Upon completion of a certified police academy, the officers have full law enforcement powers on college property as special state police officers under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 22c, section 63. Additionally some police officers have specialized training in the areas of crime prevention theory and the investigation of sexual assaults and bias-motivated crime, as well as other subjects that enhance the ability of the department to provide comprehensive public safety services. The department also comprises of Community Service Officers (CSO) who serve in a non-sworn uniformed security position. The CSO is responsible for patrolling the campus on foot or vehicle, issuing parking tickets, performing as walking or mobile personal safety escort services and working as a dispatcher in the Public Safety communications center.

The Public Safety Department is charged with providing law enforcement and other emergency services to the Babson College and Olin College communities. All complaints will be investigated and any violations of law or college policy can result in the filing of criminal charges and/or referral to Student Affairs. In certain cases, such investigations are carried out in conjunction with local, state or federal law enforcement agencies.

The college community can contact the Public Safety Department using the on-campus extension x5555, or, if calling from a cell phone or off-campus location, 781.239.5555. In addition to the Public Safety Department officers and staff, residents may discuss community concerns and issues of security and safety with Student Affairs staff members. The Public Safety Department provides a wide range of services designed to inform students and employees about ways to increase security on campus: release of a police log accessible to the public, bicycle patrol, articles on crime prevention, and informational presentations during Orientation and personal safety escort services.

In the event of an emergency, a meeting of the College Crisis Management Team is held to determine the most appropriate course of action. In some instances, the Public Safety Department issues a public safety advisory, during emergency situations alert notifications will be sent out through the Olin Emergency Notification system, updating the community through text, email and phone calls of the emergency situation on campus and advising what action should be taken.

Members of the Public Safety Department also conduct external checks of all buildings to ensure they are secure at the appropriate times. Residence Hall exterior doors are locked 24 hours a day while classroom and administrative buildings are secured at the conclusion of normally scheduled business hours.

The Associate Dean of Student Affairs, the Director of Facilities Services, and the public safety staff work together to ensure building security. The Public Safety Department recognizes the need to have assistance if we are going to effectively perform our duties. In an effort to encourage calls from those members of our community who would not normally contact a police officer whenever they have complaints, concerns or information, we have installed a confidential caller telephone line.

Although we prefer to converse with individuals, we acknowledge the fact that some people wish to leave information anonymously. To protect the identity of callers, all calls will be directed to an answering machine that does not have caller ID. The telephone number is 781.237.8164.

See for information regarding campus security and statistics about criminal acts on the Olin campus. The Babson College Public Safety Department Chief of Police is James E. Pollard and he can be reached at or 781.239.5555.