Graduation Requirements

All students must complete a minimum of 120 credits, and must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in order to graduate from Olin.

Students must satisfy two classes of requirements in order to graduate from Olin: General Requirements and Program-Specific Requirements. General requirements must be satisfied by all students regardless of degree or concentration. Program-Specific Requirements vary depending on the degree being sought (ECE, ME or E) and, for the E degree, on the chosen concentration.

General Requirements and Program-Specific Requirements are further broken down into Distribution Requirements and Course Requirements, both of which must be satisfied.

Distribution Requirements specify the minimum total number of credits that must be completed in each of five broad areas (Engineering, Math, Science, AHS and Entrepreneurship). Course requirements specify which courses must be completed. Some course requirements can be satisfied only by completing a particular course. Other course requirements allow more choice. Some courses may be used to satisfy one of several course requirements, but students must choose only a single requirement to be satisfied by each course.

A course completion can satisfy only one course requirement.