SCI1210 Principles of Modern Biology with Laboratory

Most of the course material is concerned with our current understanding of the fundamentals of life at the molecular and cellular level. Concepts and information from the disciplines of biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, evolutionary and cell biology contribute in different ways to provide a coherent view of the components, processes, interdependencies, and other properties common to all organisms. The structure and regulation of genes, properties and synthesis of proteins, and the organization and communication between cells and multi-cellular organisms are essential elements for cellular growth and differentiation that will be studied in detail. Special topics to be considered include, but are not limited to, human genetics, molecular medicine, cancer biology, evolution, genomics, synthetic biology, and ethical implications of the applications of biological research. Students will gain experience with research methods and scientific reasoning through laboratory section experiments, written laboratory research summaries and from other project work.



Concurrent Requisites

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