ENGR4190 SCOPE: Senior Capstone Program in Engineering

SCOPE is one of the two Engineering Capstone requirements for all Olin students. It incorporates formal, team-based, year-long engineering projects done in conjunction with 10 to 14 external companies. Each project will be executed by a single student team, supported by a dedicated faculty member, in partnership with one of these companies. Each student team will have between four and six members from the senior class. Students may conduct advanced research, perform market analysis, develop experimental prototypes, design new products or redesign existing products in the execution of this project.

As SCOPE is an 8 credit, year-long, fall/spring offering, a single grade will be given upon completion of 8 credits of SCOPE. After completion of the fall semester, a TBG grade will appear upon a students transcript until a grade is assigned at the end of the spring. The single grade assigned will appear in both the fall and the spring on transcripts. Students not completing a second semester of SCOPE will receive a grade for the fall and will therefore not satisfy the requirement of engineering capstone with the SCOPE program. Note that students not performing adequate work in the fall semester will receive an end-of-semester notice of concern (see the Grading at Olin section of the Olin College Catalog for more information).

Note: Cross-registered and Exchange students must obtain permission from the SCOPE Director to enroll.



Recommended Requisites

Must be a senior