ENGR3242 Quantitative Engineering Design

The engineering design process can often be completed more quickly and efficiently by applying quantitative analysis at various points. This course will give students the chance to apply their existing skills and knowledge and to learn new tools to perform quantitative analysis in the context of the design process. Techniques for validation and verification of results and communicating those results to support and effectively guide design decisions will be covered. Students will have opportunity to learn and apply appropriate computational tools (e.g., MATLAB/SIMULINK/Simscape, commercial FEA software). Introductory modules will include optimization and system integration requiring model calibration and parameter identification based on measured data. In the later part of the semester, students will define and carry out the full design process, starting and ending with a user, on their own multidisciplinary projects (e.g., electromechanical system or product). Students are welcome to bring in large-scale projects from courses such as ADE, SCOPE, or Making Music for their final project.