AHSE4190 Arts Humanities Social Sciences Capstone Project

The AHS Capstone is an advanced, self-designed AHS project that builds upon a student's prior experience in one or more AHS disciplines. Students concentrating in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences must complete either a 12 credit concentration or an 8 credit concentration with an AHS Capstone in order to graduate. AHS Capstones must be proposed to the AHS Committee and approved by the end of the academic year prior to the Capstone except in extenuating circumstances. Additional information on the AHS Capstone is available at http://ahs.olin.edu/. AHS Capstone students will complete a proposal, a journal, a disciplinary deliverable, an analysis of their deliverable, and a presentation. Class sessions will vary between meetings of the entire class, small group workshops, and individual meetings. Olin strongly recommends that all AHS Capstone students first complete the AHS Capstone Preparatory Seminar. Please contact the AHS Committee at ahs@olin.edu with any questions.