AHSE1515 Products and Markets

Entrepreneur: one who owns and manages a business; a person who takes the risk of profit or loss. - O.E.D. The same source also reveals a broader definition found in the French root, entreprendre, which means "to undertake." An entrepreneur is defined as one who assumes the opportunity and full responsibility of any pursuit. A champion.

In this course, students explore and begin to realize in themselves the entrepreneur in both forms: the practical and the profound. In this foundational course in business and entrepreneurship they will conceive, create, and manage a real, profitable business. They will be exposed to traditional business tools such as accounting, marketing, and finance as well as the personal and interpersonal tools requisite for high-performance teamwork, including project planning, giving feedback, and persuasive pitching. This business experience and its associated challenges will serve as the context in which we hope to develop broader self-awareness, productive self-reflection, and courage. Broadly, these skills will apply to the bold imagining and realization of their lives at Olin and beyond.