AHSE1135 The Digital Eye: Photography, Vision, and Visual Communication

This course is all about developing a creative voice in the visual arts using digital photography as the medium of choice. The Digital Eye is a hands-on course taught in studio mode and it is project-based with weekly homework assignments that also includes several major projects allowing longer-term project engagement. Digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras, digital editing tools and printing capabilities are provided and gaining technical facility with these tools is an important goal. As this is an AHS foundation course, students will also have an opportunity to further develop written communication skills and critical thinking ability. We will consider the many interpretations of art and the visual communication of ideas. The work of contemporary fine art photographers will be studied in depth and trips to museum and gallery exhibits will be scheduled as appropriate as will field trips with the class to capture images in interesting locations. Students with no prior experience with photography are strongly encouraged to enroll in this course and are as welcome as those who have already discovered a passion for creative expression using photography.