Declaration of major/change of major

Students are expected to declare their major no later than the time of registration for the fourth semester (sophomore year). At this time, there is a Major Declarathon where curriculum and program advising is available and an introduction to the process is presented. 

Olin understands that a student's path toward their degree may change and, as a result, during the fifth or sixth semester, there is a Junior Reality Check, where students update their program plans of study. 

Lastly, senior audits take place during a student's final two semesters.  Senior audits take many forms and begin via consultation between a student and their adviser. There are also drop in sessions with the Registrar's Office, and opportunities for plan of study updates.  The process culminates with degree certification by the Registrar and Faculty.

Note: Students who change their major should be aware of their remaining degree requirements. Additionally, they are responsible for tuition, room/board and fees for any semesters required beyond the eight covered by the Olin scholarship.