Independent study and research

Olin offers many opportunities for independent study and research:

  1. Research projects are usually guided by a faculty member, and can take place both during the academic year and during the summer.
  2. Independent study projects are usually designed by a student or group of students, and can take place during the academic year. These projects should explore topics not covered by Olin courses.

For either type of project, students work with faculty members to design and implement a learning and assessment plan.

Students may receive academic credit for independent study activities; students may receive either academic credit or pay for a research activity, but not both.

Independent study and research are normally taken Pass/No Credit. Credit is not awarded in the summer.

Independent study and research credit may be applied toward credit requirements in particular areas (Math/Science/AHS/Entrepreneurship/Engineering) and toward the overall 120 credit requirement.

In order to use independent study to satisfy a course requirement, prior approval must be obtained from the CSTB and the activity must be taken for a grade. Only in exceptional cases will research be approved to satisfy a course requirement.