ENGR1199 Special Topics in Engineering

Special Topics in Engineering classes (ENGR X199) typically cover a specific topic in Engineering and are intended to enhance and expand the selection of offerings from semester to semester.


Variable Credits ENGR


SP15:  Introduction to the Microelectronics, Nanotechnology and MEMS Revolution; 4 credits (S. Kerns, D. Kerns)

This course will develop your understanding and appreciation of the scientific and engineering underpinnings of microelectronics. nanotechnologies, and MEMS.  We will examine how these technological revolutions influence a broad array of interdisciplinary fields (engineering, biology, biomedical engineering, material science, chemistry, physics, medicine, technology, management) and civilization as a whole (art, business, film, entertainment, politics). Special ""widget deconstruction"" topics will address common pieces of modern technology to answer the question, ""How do they do what they do?""; ""How do microelectronics & nanotechnology play in that functionality?""; and ""Where is the technology going and how will it change the way we live our lives?"" Student-­?led discussions will examine the transformational impact of the microelectronics, nanotechnology and MEMS revolution on modern society. You will complete and deliver a final project that enhances/expands understandings of your favorite topics. No special knowledge of electrical and computer engineering is assumed. The class will be highly interactive and student participation is key.


SP15:  1199A:  Linear Systems Laboratory; 2 credits (Storey)

This course will provide a hands-­on experimental lab experience for students co-­registered in Linearity I. The course will bring the mathematical concepts of Linearity to life through a number of physical experiments with mechanical, electrical, thermal, and chemical systems. The course will emphasize interpreting physical data through the lens of mathematical analysis.