Academic Support Services

Academic Advising

Every student at Olin has a faculty adviser who is available to answer questions and offer guidance about a student’s progress to graduation, major requirements, course options, and other aspects of academic health at Olin.

Advising relationships can have a significant impact on a student’s experience. Olin has a network of faculty, staff, students, and alumni who comprise a multi-faceted resource for guidance and support within and outside the classroom.

Academic Assistance

Students who need further clarification on course requirements and projects should feel empowered to seek assistance from their faculty instructors. Students may reach out to instructors and NINJA's (teaching assistants) whenever the need arises. Delay in reaching out tends to have a cumulative, detrimental effect on academic progress in a course. Since Olin classes are largely project-based, work volume increases quickly and unpredictably. Faculty can help a student determine any need for additional resources.

Additional resources can include individual tutors. Tutors can be located and assigned through the Student Affairs and Resources (StAR) office. Students who feel that individual tutoring would be helpful to them should contact the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs as early in the semester as the need becomes apparent.