Babson/Olin/Wellesley Sustainability Certificate Program

Admission to the Babson/Olin/Wellesley Sustainability Certificate Program concluded in spring 2020. Since its launch in Fall 2011, the Babson-Olin-Wellesley Sustainability Certificate program has offered the opportunity to engage in cross-disciplinary learning across campus cultures through collaborative curricular experiences and project-based courses. Faculty and staff have worked together to create a community passionate about teaching and practicing sustainability.

In the past decade, the landscape has also changed. Wellesley has continued to grow its Environmental Studies department, Babson has introduced a Sustainability concentration, and increasing numbers of Olin students complete self-designed majors in sustainability. As the number of students, faculty, and staff who are actively engaged in sustainability work grows on all three campuses, the opportunities to get involved and to study the field have multiplied. At the same time, we have learned a great deal about what works best to teach, inspire, and connect across the three campuses from running the Certificate program.

Therefore, in partnership across BOW, we have made the difficult decision to conclude our Sustainability Certificate program. We increasingly find that our aspirations are outgrowing the structures we put in place ten years ago and we want to make space for new collaborations to emerge. We have a great deal of learning and success on which to build, and we look forward to seeing what new efforts might arise.

This program was administered through the Babson/Olin/Wellesley Three College Collaboration. For students enrolled prior to Fall 2020, details on how to complete the certificate requirements can be found on the Three College Collaboration website. The Sustainability Certificate is awarded to Olin students upon completion of their Olin degree.