Advising and Academic Support Services

Academic Advising

Every student at Olin has an advisor who is available to answer questions and offer guidance about a student’s progress to graduation, major requirements, course options, and other aspects of academic health and decision-making at Olin.

Advising relationships can have a significant impact on a student’s experience. Olin has a network of faculty, staff, students, and alumni who comprise a multi-faceted resource for guidance and support within and outside the classroom.

Students who wish to switch faculty advisors can request to do so by contacting the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs.  Any changes to faculty advising assignments will be made at the end or beginning of each semester. 


Academic Assistance


Students who need further clarification on course requirements and projects should feel empowered to seek assistance from their faculty instructors.  Faculty instructors can arrange office hours as needed and can serve as an invaluable source of information as students work on any number of projects and assignments.  Faculty can also help a student determine any need for additional resources.  


Course Assistants (CAs)

Many faculty instructors employ CAs for class.  These students have demonstrated strength in understanding course materials and are a vital resource for students with questions. CAs often hold office hours in the residence halls during times that are accessible to classmates.  They can provide assistance in large and small group settings as well as on an individual basis. 



Students in any class can also request a tutor.  Students may do this for many different reasons, including that they feel that individualized attention will be beneficial for their success in a course.  Tutors are often nominated by faculty instructors and are employed by the college.  Students who feel that individual tutoring would be helpful to them should contact the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs as early in the semester as the need becomes apparent.  Since the Student Affairs and Resources (StAR) office employs tutors on an as-requested basis, please allow time to locate and connect tutors and students together. 


ARCs (Academic Resource Co-Designers)

ARCs are available as academic resources to students who may need assistance with academic skills such as time management, prioritization, study skills, stress management, etc.  ARCs are trained in facilitation and listening skills, academic skills coaching, and peer mentorship. ARCs will be available to meet 1:1 and also as part of a walk-in service called the ARCade, located in the Library.  ARCs may also associate with particular classes as a resource for students, facilitate workshops on timely issues that affect students, and create resources for students to use. 


Delay in reaching out tends to have a cumulative, detrimental effect on academic progress in a course. Since Olin classes are largely project-based, work volume increases quickly and unpredictably.