Posting: Signs, posters and sidewalk chalk

In order to keep walls, doors, and windows in good condition and to comply with fire codes, posting of signs, flyers, or any other material is only permitted on bulletin boards or in designated sign holders near building entrances. Items posted in any other location will be removed immediately and discarded. Students who wish to petition to post or display items outside of these parameters should contact the Office of Student Affairs for approval. 

Sidewalk chalk may only be used only on the non-brick walkways around the residence halls (paths from soccer field to Campus Center and interconnecting paths between residence halls, Campus Center and Milas Hall). Chalking personal or college property (i.e., brick areas, the Oval, stairs, buildings, landscape walls, cars, signs, etc.) is not permitted. The content and location of chalkings must be in accordance with the Olin College Honor Code and the college reserves the right to authorize the removal of chalkings.