No contact orders

Olin College encourages students to attempt to resolve their conflicts themselves whenever possible. However, it is understood that is not always possible and circumstances may warrant more direct intervention from the College.  When deemed appropriate under the circumstances, the Dean of Student Affairs or their designee has the authority to issue no contact orders. A no contact order is used to limit contact between parties.

No contact orders are behavior management tools and typically prohibit parties from having direct or indirect contact, including but not limited to email, mail, text messages, social media, or telephone. A no contact directive may also result in mandated changes to a student’s academic schedule, on-campus employment, room assignment, or participation in campus events or activities, or travel around campus if warranted, based on the circumstances of the situation. Refusal to adhere to the order after written or verbal notification of its terms is prohibited and violations of a no contact order may result in disciplinary action.