Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property, New Ventures and Copyright Policy
The College maintains a Board of Trustees approved policy on Intellectual Property, New Ventures and Copyright Policy for faculty, staff and students. The policy is based on the following ten principles.  A copy of the current policy may be requested from Academic Affairs.

  1. The policy should encourage creative and entrepreneurial activity, and catalyze the teaching of creative thinking and entrepreneurship.
  2. The policy should help attract and retain the types of students, staff, and faculty we wish to have at Olin.
  3. The policy should foster good will towards the college and encourage philanthropy.
  4. The policy should be fair.  
  5. The policy should distinguish as little as possible between faculty, staff, and students since faculty, staff and students will work closely in teams.
  6. The policy should safeguard an open and non-secretive atmosphere on campus.
  7. The policy should safeguard the non-profit status of the college and minimize legal risks.
  8. The policy should contribute to the college’s financial health, e.g. by operating efficiently and by providing opportunities for growth of the endowment.
  9. The policy should promote the dissemination of ideas and promote the public good.
  10. The policy should be as simple as possible.