Student led courses

Student Led Courses (SLCs) embody Olin’s emphasis on team teaching and student-directed learning by enabling two or more students to work with Olin faculty as student teachers of a Special Topics course. These student teachers design and deliver their course to other students who receive up to four academic credits and a pass/no credit, EG, or ABCDF grade at the instructors’ discretion. SLCs may not duplicate existing course offerings. SLCs might fulfill credit or course requirements depending on the topic and grading method.

All SLCs are overseen by faculty advisers who serve as instructors of record. The supervising Olin faculty members assign final grades and serve as points of contact for all students taking the course, in order to address concerns or questions. The student teachers receive guidance from the faculty advisers, and also receive Independent Study (ISR-G) credit in recognition of the pedagogical experience that they gain through this teaching experience. 

Student teachers and faculty advisers need to submit a proposal and follow additional guidelines prior to offering a SLC. The proposal form and guidelines are available at the Registrar’s page.