AHSE2112 Six Books that Changed the World

Why and how do certain books reshape the course of human history? In this course, we will explore six books, selected from different times, societies, and genres, that have had an unquestionably major impact upon the world in which we live. Class meetings will alternate between contextual studies of the historical context of each book (including the author's background, the political and social setting, and other factors) and careful analyses of the works themselves. Our discussions will investigate each book's contemporary and modern impact while also exploring the qualities that caused all of our selections to have such an enduring and global effect. Students will be expected to contribute to class discussions, make presentations, and write a report on an additional book of their choosing. NOTE: This course will be offered during the first half of the semester, will meet twice a week, and will require approximately 12 hours of student effort each week.



Recommended Requisites

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