Student academic performance

The Committee on Student Academic Performance uses the following guidelines in determining the academic status of students. Students not in Good Academic Standing will be placed on probation. Students not in Good Academic Standing for two consecutive semesters will be reviewed by the committee and may be required to withdraw. The committee may consider extenuating circumstances in applying these general guidelines. NOTE: In accordance with federal regulations of Title IV Financial Aid Program Integrity Standards, the Financial Aid Office will review academic performance in accordance with the performance measures listed below and will include an overall pace of progression standard. See the financial aid section for more information.

Qualitative measure of academic performance

Student’s first semester: Good Academic Standing is defined as receiving Pass grades in all courses by the start of the second semester.

Subsequent semesters: Good Academic Standing is defined as having a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00 by the end of the semester.

Quantitative measure of academic performance

In order to complete the degree in four years (eight semesters), each student will normally take 16 credits (four courses) per semester. Olin College expects students to make reasonable progress toward their degree each semester. As a result, to remain in good standing a student must complete a minimum of 12 degree credits each semester. The Committee on Student Academic Performance will review this quantitative measure in addition to the qualitative measure of a minimum grade point average.

Academic readmission

In making decisions on readmission petitions, the Committee on Student Academic Performance (COSAP) will expect the former student to produce timely evidence of good academic performance in college courses comparable to Olin courses, employment and/or community service references and a formal statement explaining changes that will contribute to their academic success at Olin. Credit for courses taken elsewhere while a student is withdrawn from Olin will be transferable to Olin only if approval is obtained from the CSTB prior to enrollment in each course.