Olin has cross-registration agreements with Babson College, Brandeis University and Wellesley College (the BBW schools). These agreements increase the academic offerings available to Olin students in the natural and mathematical sciences, arts, humanities, social sciences, business and entrepreneurship.

Olin students, with the exception of first-semester, first-year students, are permitted to enroll for one course each semester at each of the BBW schools, subject to the continuation of the cross-registration agreements.

Cross-registering for a course at a BBW school will count toward a student’s total degree credit load at Olin. Normally, Olin students are not permitted to take courses at BBW schools which would substantially duplicate the content of a course or set of courses available at Olin, but may petition the Course Substitution and Transfer Board (CSTB) for an exception to this rule. With prior approval from the CSTB, students may use courses taken at the BBW schools to satisfy general course requirements, distribution requirements and program specific course requirements.

Students are responsible for all deadlines and registration procedures related to the host school, including, but not limited to, pass/fail, drop, add, withdrawal policies. Information regarding procedures for cross-registration is provided in the semesters’ registration booklet. NOTE: Due to the variation of grading deadlines at BBW schools, seniors are strongly encouraged not to cross-register during their final semester at Olin.