Passionate pursuits

Success, whether personal or more widely recognized, occurs most often in those who have a passion for their work. Olin believes that learning to be passionate about one’s work, to persevere through difficult times, and to enjoy play freely, are all tremendously important life lessons. In contrast to most educational institutions, we actively and explicitly promote this integrated approach to learning, work and life. Our support of passionate pursuits promotes the idea that hobbies can be more than pastimes — they can become gateways to life-long learning and passionate endeavors. This is one of many ways in which Olin College gives acknowledgement to well roundedness and personal initiative.

A Passionate Pursuit is an intellectual or scholarly activity in which students propose a semester-long project, solicit faculty participation and establish objectives (i.e., learning goals, a deliverable and/or a presentation or performance) that constitute satisfactory completion of the pursuit.