IV. Role of the Title IX Coordinator

The Title IX Coordinator is responsible for coordinating Olin programs to comply with Title IX. This includes leading Olin’s efforts to respond to reports of conduct that could trigger Olin’s Sexual Misconduct Policy. The Title IX Coordinator is also available to meet with any individual to provide information about the implementation of the Sexual Misconduct Policy (including the availability of interim measures, the investigation, and the resolution/sanction process), as well as discussing other resources within the Olin community and beyond.

The College’s Title IX Coordinator is:

Rame Hanna, Title IX Coordinator

Director of Diversity and Inclusion 

Olin College of Engineering

1000 Olin Way 

Needham, MA 02492-1000



Where the Title IX Coordinator is listed as the designated point of contact for any role in the Sexual Misconduct Policy, they may designate a Deputy Title IX Coordinator or other qualified member of the College community to assume the role, as necessary and appropriate. These individuals would be available to receive a report from any member of the Olin community who believes the Sexual Misconduct Policy has been violated. They may also be available to assist others, including Responding Parties and witnesses in understanding the College’s Sexual Misconduct Policy and procedures.