III. How Olin will address sexual misconduct

Olin’s commitment to non-discrimination includes an assertion that the College will not tolerate discrimination or harassment on the basis of sex, gender identity, and/or sexual orientation including, but not limited to sexual violence, dating and domestic violence, stalking, or retaliation in its community. The College follows through on that commitment, in part, through the implementation of a Sexual Misconduct Policy that defines prohibited conduct and the process by which the College will address such conduct in different circumstances. Olin College’s Sexual Misconduct Policy is composed of several components:

  • Definitions of Prohibited Conduct
  • Process for Resolving Complaints of Sexual Misconduct

The Sexual Misconduct Policy applies to all Olin community members, and all members of the College community are responsible for being familiar with and abiding by the Sexual Misconduct Policy at all times.

Olin will also provide relevant resources for the community on the Sexual Misconduct and Title IX webpage available on the Olin College website. While separate from the Policy, these additional resources are part of the College’s ongoing efforts to ensure an environment free of discrimination on the basis of sex.