Course Substitution and Transfer Board (CSTB)

The Course Substitution and Transfer Board (CSTB) is a subcommittee of the ARB and has the responsibility of awarding Olin credit for classes taken at another institution.

There are three cases where a student can take a class at another institution and get credit toward an Olin degree: cross registration at Babson, Brandeis or Wellesley; classes taken during a Study Away experience; and classes taken at another institution during a summer or before enrolling at Olin. For more information on transferring credit, see Transfer Credit section.

The CSTB also determines what distribution and course requirements a non-Olin course can count for. Many courses at the BBW schools have been pre-approved. Prior to taking a non-Olin class not on the pre-approval list, students should request permission from the CSTB to count this class toward satisfying a distribution or course requirement.